Sunday, August 14, 2016


Recently, a friend had her purse stolen and she admitted it was from her own carelessness.  Dealing with the aftermath:  hassling with the insurance company, replacing her IDs, checks, and credit cards was rather overwhelming to her.  When I offered to replace her purse she burst into tears and said that the insurance company did not want to replace it because it was "depreciated" and that she should consider NOT carrying such a "desirable to thieves" item.

In 1968 my purse was stolen from my locker at work. At that time I had ONE credit card, several IDs, my SS card, and $42.00 in my purse, along with my keys. Fortunately, the theft occurred on Saturday and the store with the credit card wasn't open on Sunday (remember the "Blue Laws"?)  It was time-consuming--and costly--to replace the contents. I posted a plea on the company bulletin board to have the contents returned.  Amazingly, weeks later, the purse reappeared in my locker but minus the $42.00.  I never took a purse into work again;  I always locked it in the trunk of the car.

Since that time, I have been very careful. I seldom carry my purse into stores or restaurants; I always pay with debit or credit cards in stores and restaurants and I carry the cards in what my husband calls "the safe" (my bra).  I keep my keys in my coat or pants pockets. I only carry a purse to weddings, funerals, etc., where I need something to hold my keys and personal items. I keep my purse locked in the trunk of my car.  During stops by police personnel, it was irritating to them when I had to get out of the car to open the trunk to retrieve my information.

If one is going to carry credit cards, etc. in a purse, here are some guidelines:

Always have credit cards, driver's license, and medical cards in separate holders. If using a wallet, never have a wallet/checkbook combination, as thieves usually go for the wallet if they are in a hurry. My niece carries her credit cards in a compact, as she thinks thieves won't go for makeup. Keep a list of YOUR credit card numbers and 800 numbers to call, driver's license and medical card copies AT HOME in a safe place. NEVER carry your Social Security card or birth certificate in your purse. Do not hang your purse on the back of a chair in a restaurant; always keep it between your feet on the floor.

Recently, I was at Kroger and a woman ahead of me had her open purse in the cart. She left the cart and bent over to pick up something from a bottom shelf; when she arose, I told her that she shouldn't leave her purse unattended. She told me it wasn't any of my business and walked off in a huff.

Sometimes "a word to the wise is sufficient" doesn't apply.

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Anonymous said...

I just feel SO violated! Thanks for warning other people! ML