Wednesday, August 17, 2016


In the aftermath of the appearance of the parents of Captain Khan at the Democratic National Convention, and Mr. Khan's showing his copy of the Constitution, I saw an article on Facebook which stated that there was a huge demand for copies of the Constitution and there was difficulty keeping up with the demand.

While rummaging around through old political paraphernalia at our Democratic Headquarters, I uncovered quite a cache of pocket-size copies of the Constitution.

They are inscribed with the name of J. Ross Haffey, who ran for the Ohio Supreme Court in 1994.  I telephoned Mr. Haffey to have permission to recycle the packets and put Ted Strickland's sticker on them. Mr. Haffey is still practicing law in Lyndhurst, OH. and said that he wished that the items had been distributed then as he could have used the votes during that losing campaign.


I now have 200 pocket-size copies of the Constitution to distribute.

In the "War Room" in Bill Clinton's campaign headquarters during the 1992 race, James Carville was credited with posting a sign showing "It's The Economy, Stupid!";  that was to ensure that the workers kept their minds on what was considered the main issue.

This year, I believe that "It's The Supreme Court, Stupid!" needs to be our mantra as our actual lives--and the lives of future generations--are in the balance depending on the person elected and the choices to be made for the Supreme Court.

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