Wednesday, August 31, 2016


A young couple come regularly to The Well where I volunteer.  One day, when I was working in the room where household items are placed, the woman came to check out and I said, "That's a cute cruet."  She asked, "Is that what it's called?"  She asked how it was spelled and "What is it used for?"  I spelled the word and told her that I have several cruets and I keep vinegar in one all the time and the others I use when I'm having a dinner with salad and I want to serve several kinds of dressing.

The very next week, I was stocking books on shelves and the woman approached me and said, happily, "I found another cruet." and she showed it to me.  She told me that she'd told a lot of people about the the first cruet and she giggled and said "C-R-U-E-T;  I had to spell it for everybody."

A couple of weeks later she told me, "Now I have three cruets."

I said, "Be careful;  anything more than TWO is a COLLECTION, and people will start giving them to you and your house will be full of cruets and you'll wonder how it ever started!" She answered, "Oh, I won't forget C-R-U-E-T, but now I don't know what to do with them."

I told her that when I was young, I used to fill them with colored water and set them in the window and the sunlight coming through was beautiful.  She said, "I bet I'm the only one with a cruet collection!"

Oh, yes, tomorrow I am taking a cruet to her for her collection.


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