Saturday, August 20, 2016


For my next dinner party, I want to serve a different kind of salad;   unlike my mother, I do NOT foist strange things on people without their knowledge, but I do like to try "different" varieties of foods.  At the last dinner party, I served "green butter lettuce and red butter lettuce";  I'm running out of choices:  in the past I've served escarole, romaine, endive, Bibb, Boston, fusee, mesclun, radicchio, tai soi, , or ARUGULA. (Oh, I certainly can't be having arugula or people might think I've joined some "elite" group, because I recall a certain politician who was ridiculed for discussing arugula)  Arugula is not pleasing to my palate.   In the past, I have shelled, cooked, and chilled edamame, and added them to salads.  I don't want to use spinach, chard, kale, or other such greens. 

Oh, what is the green du jour?  I hope Kroger has something I haven't tried, but whatever I select, I've decided to add some purslane, that much-hated weed, right from our back yard.  It has a lemony flavor.

Mother always included some purslane with her "mess of greens";  purslane is the least abundant weed during greens season because it requires more heat to grow than Mother's favorites:  shepherd's sprouts, lamb's quarter,  poke, plantain, mustard, dock, and of course, dandelions. 

Purslane is loaded with essential vitamins and antioxidants;  contains iron and calcium;  rich in Omega 3 fatty acids;  GMO free;   contains the highest amount of Vitamin A compared with other green, leafy vegetables.

There is significant data which shows purslane is beneficial in fighting heart disease, stroke, cancer, and minimizes chances of AHDH, autism, and other developmental disorders.  

See the YouTube video:  Purslane, The Best Weed You'll Ever Eat:

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Anonymous said...

That's that damned weed that I can never get rid of! ML