Thursday, August 25, 2016


After reading my article about clematis, a friend mentioned that I should write about "Naked Ladies";  I told him that I already had.  

This is my Sue's News article from August, 2013:

                        NAKED LADIES

"Naked Ladies" are amaryllis and the plants have beautiful foliage in the spring which dies away and then the "naked ladies" emerge with their breathtaking beauty in the summer.

I thought that I had a great number of "naked ladies" blooming this year until I passed a woman's house and she has them growing in her front yard, her side yard, and in her back yard.  I stopped to tell her what joy it gave me to see them and I asked for permission to photograph her gorgeous display.  She told me that the plants had been growing there since her mother's time and that I was welcome to return in the fall to dig some bulbs.

A friend just became acquainted with the lovely amaryllis this year--I had to drag her out to see the splendid display-and to take the pictures you see here.

 I returned with the photographs and this article.

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