Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I like to look at cards which other people send/receive. It reveals a great deal about people. My friend Patty and I are known to send six or seven cards for our birthdays, as one card just doesn't say it all! My brother Norman has been known to cross out the price of the card on the back, because I'm known to look at the back of the card. Once, he wrote, "None of your business, Nosy!" Another time he wrote, "No, I didn't care enough to send the very best!"

My client celebrated his 90th birthday and he received a large number of cards; the cards ranged from religious to humorous. However, the card from his son was obviously meant to be "funny", but not only was it decidedly NOT funny, but I also felt it was insulting! Of course, he could have sent a birthday card with DAD on it, as there are dozens of those available or he could have found one with "90TH BIRTHDAY", as I saw several selections of those. Instead he sent one which had on the front: "Someone like you is way too special for just a birthday card..." and when opened, it read, "So you can keep the envelope too!"

Does anyone I know think that's funny or appropriate?

What kind of person would send a "funny" card to one's parent on the 90th birthday? I was not surprised as the Christmas card he sent last year was meant to be humorous but it was also NOT funny and very inappropriate to send to a parent!

This person tries to be amusing, but he has no wit! He tries to impress with intellect, but is unbelievably ignorant. As a bigot, he is proud of his bigotry. As another friend asked, "How could that person have come from two such nice people?"


Arminta said...

I don't know his son at all and I'm sure he's much like you describe him, but he DID send a card and I assume he was at the party? And I've heard he comes to the house to visit. Some elderly people see nothing of their family. Some are in nursing facilities where they never see anyone except the employees and other residents the rest of their lives. I'm an over-analyzer myself but to me a card seems rather trivial. Everyone's sense of humor is different. But one thing that was told to me by a co-worker when I was a young woman and I've found to be quite true, no matter how bad your kids are or what awful things they might do, you don't want someone else insulting them. It can ruin a friendship very quickly.

Sue's News said...

The card is just another indicator. He has no redeeming qualities. No, he did not attend the party. During the last year, he came to visit 3 times--one of which was his mother's funeral.