Friday, January 18, 2013


Recently, a friend posted on Facebook that her grown children's significant others had "pointed out things about their eating styles, their eating etiquette." She wrote further: "As their mother I realize that these things reflect very strongly of me and what I taught them."

I reflected on my upbringing:

My father had excellent table manners; Mother didn't care.

My father cared about nice dishes and silverware! Mother didn't care.

My father used impeccable grammar; Mother didn't care.

My father had excellent penmanship; Mother didn't care!

My father loved antiques; Mother loved everything modern!

My father was "REARED" by a schoolmarm mother in a Victorian house; Mother was "RAISED" on "the lowest end of Peabody Avenue"!

My mother always said I was just like my father; I look like his family, but I hope I inherited her traits.

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Anonymous said...

I never heard you speak about your father before; you sound so much like him! ML