Saturday, January 12, 2013


Years ago, a friend said, "You have a lot of heat escaping from your house." When I asked how he knew, he pointed to the icicles hanging from the eaves and said, "That's what causes icicles." I sighed and said, "But they look so picturesque!" The friend said, "You're spending a lot more on energy than is necessary."

Alarmed, I immediately demanded that Gerald insulate more, which he did. Now, we don't have any icicles hanging from our house, but look at the garage! Gerald has heat in the garage for the cats, but, obviously, it's escaping!

Reading articles this morning about icicles, I NOW must be worried about ICICLE DAMS (CLICK HERE to read the article) on the garage!

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Anonymous said...

Another damn thing I need to worry about! ML