Friday, January 11, 2013


A friend and I admired a wooden "rack puller" shaped like a squirrel. I copied the design and asked Gerald to make one each for my friend and me. Gerald made three and I kept one, and gave one to my friend as a stocking stuffer. I asked Gerald why he'd made three and he said he knew I'd want another one for somebody! Knowing my proclivity for inflicting "my best new things" on family and friends, Gerald asked, "Just how many more do I need to make?" (think about Tempo towels and m9; CLICK HERE to see BLOG article from last year)

The rack-puller is nifty; one can just attach the head of the wooden squirrel to an oven rack and pull it out; eliminating the possibility of having a burned wrist. Flip over the rack-puller to push in the oven rack.

I have nicknamed my rack puller "Brother Squack" in memory of my grandfather. As a hunter--always for food--Grandpa had reverence for the animals he killed and he always called them "Brother". I always thought it sounded rather Native American to say that!

See pictures of Brother Squack.

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Anonymous said...

I want one! You gave me a Tempo and m9! ML