Sunday, January 20, 2013


A friend posted the following on Facebook:

"Am I the only person who is uncomfortable with toilet paper commercials? We used to be modestly embarrassed about Mr. Whipple secretly squeezing the Charmin. Nowadays.....oh well, can't we just have SOME level of privacy left in our everyday life?

After I posted "Ironic" and another person posted "And you're talking about privacy on Facebook because....", she responded with: "It was a yes or no question, smartasses." I'm certain she didn't grasp the irony!

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Sue's Friend - Arminta said...

Gosh Sue, at least you truly do believe in treating everyone equally as you don't seem to be any nicer to your friends than you are to your enemies. I'm pretty sure your -friend- is intelligent enough to "grasp the irony" of her post. It just seems that perhaps you don't quite "grasp" her sense of humor, which is funny in itself because I'd think someone of your superior intellect would be the first to get it. The only thing that really makes this even funnier to me is that you posted it on your blog.