Friday, January 25, 2013


A friend reminded me that I had not written a "CRINGE" blog for quite some time; it hasn't been for lack of material! I have incorporated some Cringe-worthy items in other blog entries (e.g.: WRITER MANQUE and HACKNEYED).

I know that on Facebook and Twitter, that texting phrases, slang, and acronyms are sometimes humorously "abbreviated" and "casual", (e.g.: "u" for "you", "ur" for "you are", "b" for "be", "adr" for "address", "thx" for "thanks", and "cuz" for "because") but I keep noticing that people on Facebook do not grasp when "no" should be "know", "suppose" should be "supposed"; and "its" should be "it's"! ("ITS" is especially problematic because I recently learned that the acronym ITS in texting means "intense text sex"!)

Surely people are not so busy that they cannot type "know"! I would think that only Twitter excuses abbreviating, as one is limited to 140 characters per posting.

I do like some of the acronyms: YOLO, CYT, BTW, and WTH.

I don't tweet or text!

I no, I no! (I know, I know!)

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Anonymous said...

I had to ask about YOLO! ML