Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Whew! Doing 26 acts of kindness was more difficult than I thought, but today I gave a guy a jump for his dead battery! That's number 26, Ann Curry! (see my blog article)

I was in Goodwill and a guy walked in and asked another man if he had an "extra set of jumper cables". I thought that asking about an "extra" set was strange; did he expect the guy to have TWO sets? I thought, "Oh, well, he's probably nervous because of needing to ask." I was in line with two people ahead of me, but I spoke up and said, "I have jumper cables."

On the way out I asked if he knew what caused the dead battery and he said that he'd left on his lights. I asked, "Didn't you notice the buzzer?" He said, "I don't have that on my car." Boy, I thought I had an old car!

I asked, "Are you parked so that I can get in front of you?" He said yes. He walked over and stood beside a huge, old Lincoln. After I opened the hood of my car, I handed the jumper cables to him and he asked, "Where's the battery?" I pointed to the arrows which instructed where to place the positive and negative clamps. He said, "Oh, these are unlike any I've ever seen."

Boy, I thought I had an old car!

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Anonymous said...

How many cars do you think you've jumped alltogether? ML