Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I invited a member of Gerald's family to bring her family to Thanksgiving dinner. She asked what she could bring and I mentioned that she could "make cranberry something". She asked, "How about deviled eggs instead? I make good deviled eggs." [WHAT? for Thanksgiving?]

So, how did I handle THAT diplomatically? I answered, "Oh, I have everything assigned except for the cranberries." I told her that I always palm off the cranberry dish to others. Then I related what I consider is my humorous history of what I call "the cranberry disasters". I am the only person in my family who likes cranberries--and I MUST have cranberries for Thanksgiving--right? For many years I would try a new cranberry recipe and my brothers called the resulting dishes "cranberry disasters" even if they weren't bad!

She brought a can of cranberry sauce! Les quipped, "At least it was top-shelf--Ocean Spray!"

She invited us to join them for Christmas dinner; I naturally asked what I could bring and she said that I make good salad. I made a spinach/strawberry/clementine/grape salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, which I thought looked quite festive. She said, "Oh, I thought you would bring potato salad; yours is so good." [WHAT? For Christmas?] I was surprised to see deviled eggs and macaroni and cheese, along with mashed potatoes. She obviously thought those were good accompaniment with the ham. Afterwards, I said to Gerald, "They like to combine holidays with picnics."

We entertain with dinners quite often, but I haven't had Christmas dinner at our house since my mother died. Gerald and I have been going to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner for several years. I really like Peking Duck!

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Arminta said...

Ok, I have something in common with your friend, Deviled Eggs. I don't understand why they don't fit in with EVERY holiday meal! I always go to Mary and TJ's for Thanksgiving and one year I said I would bring deviled eggs. Her reaction was like yours except she didn't hide it. She said "Deviled eggs for Thanksgiving? WHAT?"

I don't understand you two. Why not? I love deviled eggs and I'm completely baffled by this meal etiquette.