Friday, October 11, 2013


After the article about my mother's song game, the word "midnight" came up in competition from a player who was singing Eric Clapton's After Midnight; he ended with the word "midnight" and I immediately thought of Maria Muldaur's Midnight At The Oasis, but I was in a quandary because I couldn't think of the words in the song after oasis and I knew I wasn't going to use easy words such as "at", and "the" or the difficult "oasis"! I didn't answer; thus I lost a point! Another player jumped in with Leadbelly's Midnight Special!

Oh, how I wished I could have thrown "oasis" into the game!

Later, I asked Les if he knew any other songs with "oasis" in the lyrics and he said he only knew one--the same as mine!

I called the BEST living player of the game and was once again impressed when she began singing from Roberta Flack's Oasis!

I thought I was the reigning expert on Roberta, but I was whupped by The Champ tonight!

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Anonymous said...

You could have gone to the second line to see if anybody could start a song with CAMEL! ML