Thursday, October 31, 2013


My friend Patty and I are addicted to The Good Wife. Here's my e-mail to Patty about the latest episode:

I must admit I was glad to see Alicia receive her comeuppance, (a bit of SCHADENFREUDE on my part) after how good Diane and Will had been to her, the ungrateful wretch! I understand it's a good plot twist to have Alicia break away from the firm, BUT...

Christine Baranski can do ANYTHING--comedy, drama, music--what a talent. I just love it that she has a Mary Matalin/James Carville ass-backwards type affair with Gary Cole (OMG! they gave that right-winger Timothy McVeigh's name to him--Kurt McVeigh)! She was extraordinary in the scene where she had to decide whether to vote against Alicia, knowing full-well the judgeship hung in the balance. Just that ONE look and hesitation--now, that's acting, my friend!

I've been a Josh Charles fan ever since Sports Night, and he's also good at comedy and drama! The ensemble cast: Alan Cumming, Chris Noth, etc.--all excellent! I love the character David Lee and oh, how I adore Kalinda!

My favorite non-regular is ELSBETH TASCIONI. What a delightful, kooky character! Her name is Carrie Preston. I also love Michael J. Fox's appearances and Mamie Gummer was in a few episodes.

You know, I sound just like my mother--exclaiming about The Young And The Restless!

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Anonymous said...

Loved Christine on that CYBILL show! ML