Friday, October 18, 2013


A friend sent this graphic to me because she knows that I invite proselytizers to come in to talk. I am always respectful of their beliefs and I admit I like to see them try to learn about mine. Just last week two young women from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints came to visit. (Remember how there were always two nuns together? Now there are always two Mormon women together!)

My opening gambit: "We have lots in common: I like Mary Jane shoes too!" At the Fayette County Fair this year, the LDS booth was "manned" mostly with young women and I noticed they all wore Mary Jane-style shoes! I was glad there were young women there because the young men would never divulge their given names and insisted on being called "elder"! (CLICK HERE to see BLOG article IS "YOUNG ELDER" AN OXYMORON?)

When I showed them I have books by George Givens, who is a well-known author of books relating to the history of LDS, they also noticed that I have a Book Of Mormon. I pointed out the tombstone rubbing (see picture) on my library wall, which is of the grave marker of my 4-great grandfather George Givens. One asked, obviously impressed, "So you're related to the writer George Givens?" I said, "Oh, no, I haven't been able to find a link." I knew that they were assuming that because of the writer George Givens having the same name as my ancestor, that I must be an LDS member! I commented that LDS was founded in 1830 (as Gerald said later, "Now that was just showing off!") As MY George Givens, who was born in 1743, died in 1846, at the age of 103, they should have surmised that my ancestor was probably not a Mormon convert at age 87, but Joseph Smith had brought his followers to Ohio!

Fortunately, I had someone else come to visit; the SISTERS had to leave and thus did find out that I am not a member of their faith!

Les said, "You know they'll be back!"

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You just have too much fun! ML