Saturday, October 5, 2013


As is our wont, Gerald and I made our yearly trek to the Health Department to get our flu shots. When I presented our Aetna/Medicare cards the gal said we would have to go to CVS because CVS is in charge of handling our flu shots. I said, "But we always come here." She asked, "Didn't you receive a blue card in the mail to tell you about the arrangement?" I said, sheepishly, "Yes, but I tossed it in the trash because we always come here." She told us, sweetly, that we would have to go to CVS. I said, "Well, fortunately, we haven't thrown out the trash yet"

I was cranky! Hey, I'd gotten dressed for the day--no mean feat--right? and we were already "out and about" and we're old, and everyone knows old people don't like change!

We had to go home, sort through the trash, and then GO CLEAR ACROSS TOWN (and you already know I feel about that!) to the damned CVS store! Gerald went to the "Consultation" window. He was told that the blue card from Aetna covered ONLY him! Gerald said, "But she's on my coverage." Gerald had already handed our Aetna/Medicare cards to the intake clerk, along with the blue card! The clerk said, "She can go to her own doctor." I said, "That's absurd!" and pointed to the sign about Medicare covering the shots! She said she would check. She returned and said, "I need your Aetna card." I said, testily, "He already gave it to you." She returned and said, "Do you have your red, white, and blue Medicare card?" I handed that to her.

After 45 MINUTES, the clerk at the pick-up desk said, "Your prescription is ready." Gerald and I just sat there--obviously, I thought, she couldn't be talking to us--but we were the only ones sitting there. I turned, looking all around, in an exaggerated manner, and asked, in my best Robert de Niro impression, "Are you talking to ME?" Gerald had to sign the forms and she handed him the bags with the prescription forms and receipts and said, "It'll be a few minutes." I asked, "Do we stay here?" I assumed we would be escorted to a private area. The pharmacist came out--and I swear--right there, in front of God and everybody, she said to roll up our sleeves. Can you believe--getting a shot in PUBLIC? I know that it's unbelievable, but I was so stunned I didn't say a word. I was wearing a twin set; I pulled down one sleeve of the outer sweater and allowed the pharmacist to give me a shot! I later said, "Now I know how sheep feel!"

I left the store in a high dudgeon; when I went home I telephoned the corporate office ombudsman and lodged a complaint about the CVS pharmacist giving me a shot in public!

At least we received a 20% OFF SHOPPING PASS!

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Anonymous said...

So, have you heard from them since your complaint? ML