Tuesday, October 8, 2013


During a recent visit with a nephew, he said, "Well, my dad could never deny me", because he looks so much like his dad. I knew that he meant it figuratively and not literally, but I said, "With your double-crown, he couldn't." Of eight siblings, four of us have that particularly defining genetic characteristic inherited from our father. Every time I look at a baby, I can't help but look at his head to see if the baby has that feature of "double hair whorls".

Mother said that an old wives' tale was that having a double-crown indicated intelligence but Mother said, "All it indicates is that you have a big-headed baby."

An amusing thing about "hair whorls": my brother Bode had the double hair whorls on his CHEST as well as his head! Now that couldn't be from my father as he didn't have hair on his chest until he was an older man!

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Anonymous said...

Good thing Bode didn't have the whorl on his back also--it could've ben known as "As The Whorl Turns"!