Friday, October 4, 2013


Whenever people ask my sign, I know they mean my "astrological sign" but I always say "YIELD", for my own amusement, because I think it's ridiculous that people actually believe in astrology. Gerald suggested I might say "DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD", "SOFT SHOULDERS", or "SLIPPERY WHEN WET" instead, and Les added "MERGE LEFT" (he can't resist a little political humor at my expense!).

It disturbed me when I learned that Nancy and Ronnie were running our country based on their astrological readings, charts, and horoscopes!

I wondered if I were able to gather other people born on the same day of the month as my astrological sign if I would actually have anything in common with them?

EDGAR DEGAS? I am certain I share no traits with him because he was opposed to Dreyfus and I have no artistic ability!
LIZZIE BORDEN? To quote the Chad Mitchell Trio: "Oh, you can't chop your mother up in Massachusetts; Massachusetts is a far cry from New York!" Never wanted to chop up my parents!
SAMUEL COLT? Oh, I can't hit the broad side of a barn when I shoot. Besides, I like my GLOCK!
GEORGE DZUNDZA? I did enjoy him on Law And Order but I never did know how to pronounce his name.
CAMPBELL SCOTT? I really liked his mama Colleen Dewhurst and I enjoyed his portrayal of Robert Benchley in the movie Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle and his daddy George was really powerful as Patton, but I only watched Dying Young because Vincent D'Onfrio was featured.
ABEL FERRARA? I liked Bad Lieutenant but can't remember anything else he directed.
VIKKI CARR? I liked her version of It Must Be Him and Cuando Caliente Del Sol.
RACHEL ROBINSON? I'm a pretty good wife, but not that good! How about that 42?


GEORGE MCGOVERN? Yes, I certainly have a lot in common with him! I still treasure my MILLION MEMBER CLUB card from the 1972 election. Senator McGovern's stated in his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention on July 14, 1972: "Let the opposition collect their $10 million in secret money from the privileged few and let us find one million ordinary Americans who will contribute $25 each to this campaign, a Million Member Club with members who will not expect special favors for themselves but a better land for us all."

As my membership card shows, I was recognized as "ONE IN A MILLION"!

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Do you throw away ANYTHING? ML