Wednesday, May 19, 2010


When my sister-in-law Betty was scheduled for open-heart surgery, she promised my brother Neil (her brother-in-law) that if she made it through the operation that she would be baptized in his church.

After a few months of recovery, she was scheduled for the baptism one Sunday morning.

I had never witnessed a baptism. My husband and I, my brother Kenny, their son Allen and his wife Sally were in attendance. My brother Neil was standing at the altar and as the drapes were opened, there was Betty, in a swimsuit, in a hot tub. Neil stuck a microphone at her face and asked for her "testimony". I could see that she was surprised by the request and her lip was quivering and her voice was quavering as she related her testimony. I was very moved by her testimony and I was choked up and had tears in my eyes. Gerald was dabbing at his eyes, but he gallantly handed over his handkerchief to me. The pastor immersed her in the water and when the ceremony was completed the drapes were drawn closed.

After the baptism, we couldn't just get up and leave the church because we had to wait for Betty as we all planned to have lunch together. The minister began the service. After awhile, we heard a woman in the aisle making unusual noises. Allen grabbed my thigh and asked, in a low voice, "WHAT is that?" I answered, "She's speaking in tongues". Allen said, "If they bring in snakes, I'm outta here!" Later, I could feel that people were close behind me and as I turned around slightly to see, people were on their feet with their eyes closed, swaying, and with their arms outstretched and reaching forward. Allen asked, "What are they reaching for?" I said, "I don't know!" They had orgasmic looks on their faces.

After drying off and getting dressed, Betty joined us in the pew. After the service a woman whom I knew came up and said excitedly, "Oh, Sue, I could tell how Jesus moved you today." I said, "Well, actually it was Betty who moved me!"

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Mona Lisa said...

Some might find this posting offensive but I find it interesting to see what people perceive of other denominations. Recently I have been at a black Baptist church for a funeral, at a funeral at a Methodist church and a wedding at an Episcopal church. All were very interesting and enlightening experiences for me. I haven't been to a Pentecostal church (which what must have been in this posting)but I would like to, just to be able to hear the "tongues"!