Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm so happy--so many flowers blooming in the yard--which means, so many bouquets in the house! Irises, allium, peonies, spirea, honeysuckle, mock orange, butterfly bush AND roses are all blooming today! I have bouquets in every room including the hallway, bathroom, and laundry room! Irises in a hand-painted vase with irises on it; little pink roses in a vase with roses on it; mock orange adorning my lovely Fiesta pitcher on the kitchen table!

Gerald came in from outside and excitedly said, "You should see the Queen Elizabeth!" I went out immediately and picked the rose and placed the PERFECT flower in the PERFECT Waterford vase (I think the HIGHEST honor!); he just doesn't understand why I want to pick ALL of the flowers.

I made an arrangement using pink and magenta peonies. I put them in the silver champagne bucket in what I thought was an "elegant" display. His reaction, "Did you pick all of them?" But, bless him, he took pictures for me!

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Mona Lisa said...

I hope he has another perfect Queen Elizabeth rose so he can enjoy it outside! His pictures are very nice, I especially like the composition of the one with the peonies in the corner with the two wooden candlesticks which appear to match the silver chest.