Thursday, May 27, 2010


My great-niece Aron has posted this question on Facebook: "WHEN YOU COME HOME, WHERE DO YOU PUT YOUR PURSE?"

When I come home, I put my purse in the shoe basket by the door. I seldom carry a purse as I put my debit card/credit card in "the safe"--my bra--I sometimes take my wallet with me in restaurants to be able to have money for tips--but my bra will only hold so much!

I cannot tolerate women setting their purses on my kitchen and dining room tables or on my counters. When it occurs, I diplomatically pick up the purse and place it somewhere else where we do not eat or prepare food. One time a woman picked up her purse and put it back on the table. Obviously, diplomacy went out the window! I told her of the dangers and especially since I had a tablecloth on the table and not just bare wood that it was doubly dangerous of contamination.

I throw my purse in the back floorboard of my car. I see women set their purses in shopping carts and on the floors in restaurants and I've also noticed women setting purses on the floors in public restrooms.

Dr. Oz recently had several audience members bring their purses to be swabbed and the women were shocked to learn of the hazardous organisms present on their purses. Dr. Oz asked them where their purses had been setting that day. One told how she had set her purse down on the floor in a public restroom. That purse had evidence of feces on the bottom of the purse; you can imagine the staph and other organisms on that purse! I do not want THAT purse or any others on my tables! Of course Dr. Oz warned them of having their purses on surfaces where food is prepared or eaten.

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Mona Lisa said...

eek! aargh! yucky! pukey!

I throw my bag on the floor when I get home: I hope I've never put it on anybody's table!