Sunday, May 16, 2010


My mother was an herbalist. I always tell that she made a potion and that's how I trapped my husband! He says he thinks it's true but I know it isn't!

When I was a teenager she would oftentimes send me to the Downtown Drug Store to pick up items she needed for her potions. One time she needed "Tincture of Cantherides"; as I didn't know how to pronounce it I wrote it down and handed the slip of paper to the druggist. He asked me what I needed it for and I said that my mother was making a potion for a "Sure Cure For Dandruff". He asked if I knew what it was and I said that I didn't.

He told me that only veternarians were allowed to purchase it. He said, "When you go home tell your mother that it is Spanish Fly; she'll know what it is." When I went home I told my mother and she looked very embarrassed but she had to tell me about it.

I was sixteen years old and I learned about aphrodisiacs!

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Mona Lisa said...

I had never heard of "Spanish fly"; I learn something new every day from you!