Sunday, March 10, 2013


My friend Patty sent the accompanying video to me. I wrote back to her: "Gerald, Les and I enjoyed this. ROBERT MITCHEM."

Patty wrote back, "Night Of The Hunter, but isn't it spelled Mitchum? Zing. I hope I'm right. Why do we care?"

I wrote back to her:

UM, yes, it is Mitchum! (I have a guy in my Precinct named Mitchem and we've actually discussed UM/EM!)

WHY do we care? I always remember my mistakes and always expect that people will also remember them. However, I find that the opposite is true; people always remember their own mistakes; e.g.: recently, I was with a former classmate and she asked, "Remember in Mr. Kelley's class when we played College Bowl?" [OMG! Remember College Bowl with Allen Ludden? Mr. Kelley would have us line up as in a Spelling Bee and the last one surviving was the winner.] She continued, "I'll never forget--you won because you knew what the word CONTEMPORANEOUS meant--and I didn't." I had forgotten that "triumph" but she hadn't forgotten after all these years! My former classmate holds a PhD and was/is much smarter than I. However, Mr. Kelley's class was HISTORY and he'd mentioned that someone in history was contemporaneous with another historical figure. He'd told in class the meaning of the word.

But, more importantly, Patty, don't you remember that YOU corrected me about the Mitchum song? We were talking about the movie and I said the song LOVE/HATE Mitchum was singing was Bringing In The Sheaves but it was Leaning On The Everlasting Arms!

CLICK HERE and Enjoy the video!

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Anonymous said...

Which was Mitchum the scariest: Cape Fear or Night Of The Hunter? ML