Saturday, March 9, 2013


Along with millions of English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Australian, Canadian, and American devotees, I am hooked on Downton Abbey.  Season 3 recently ended and I feel comfortable in stating that we ALL are waiting with great anticipation for the next season.

Dammit, nobody in my house will watch the series with me.  It's not Gerald's "thing" and Les said, dismissively, "No matter how high-brow it is, it is still a soap opera!"  None of my friends with whom I chat are aficionados.

Where, oh, where, shall I go for succor, sharing, and camaraderie?  To Facebook, of course.  Yes, thank you, my dear Facebook friends, with whom I can share my sorrow of losing Lady Sybil and Matthew and have conversations about what awaits us in Season 4!


Who will be Lady Mary's next love interest?  Will Lady Mary assume Matthew's role and manage the estate or will Branson be the savior despite being an Irish revolutionary?  What will become of Matthew's mother Isobel?  Will she marry Dr. Clarkson?   Will Bates and Anna have a baby? What's the mystery with Jimmy?  What about Barrow and poor ole Moseley? Will Edith cause more scandal with the married publisher than the hushed-up Lady Mary/Turkish Ambassador escapade?  How will Cousin Rose disrupt the family? How about that mysterious would-be interloper "cousin";  will he return since Matthew's death?  Will Carson and Mrs. Hughes ever get together?  Will Mrs. Patmore kill Daisy over some creme brulee?

There is only one thing for certain:  Julian Fellowes said he will NOT kill off Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham,  played by the ultimate grand dame, Dame Maggie Smith.


Anonymous said...

I remember when you quit watching a show because they killed off a character! ML

Susan Sajdyk said...

I just heard last week that O'Brien will not be back!!!