Wednesday, March 13, 2013


In reading our friend Larry Chapman's blog about the Legend Of The Red Velvet Cake (CLICK HERE to read the article), I was reminded of a recent event.

I've written before that I learned (after forty-one years of marriage) that Gerald doesn't like lettuce and I now fix salads without lettuce. We had gone to The Pinkerton House for a post-election celebration. The food was plentiful and delicious, the camaraderie delightful, and the enjoyment was heightened by the ambience of the surroundings.

I noticed that Gerald ate the salad with gusto although it contained lettuce. I attributed it to the fact that he has good manners, or he hadn't had lunch! The next day I mentioned, "I noticed you seemed to like Jason's salad and it had lettuce." Gerald said, "It was delicious, you should get the recipe." I gave no more thought to it until I saw Jason and Nathan in a local store and I said, "I hate to ask this favor, but Gerald loved your salad, and I remember that it had cranberries, apples, and pecans, but I'd be willing to pay for the recipe." They both laughed and Nathan said, "It has only seven ingredients" and he began to list the ingredients. I said, "Wait a second, I'll write it down." Nathan finished giving me the list and I said, in a whimpering voice, "You probably don't want to share the house dressing recipe!" Jason laughed and said, "Go to Kroger and get a bottle of Marzetti's Sweet and Sour Dressing and add two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar!"

I told Gerald, "They're not like Neiman Marcus!" as I had heard the story years ago about that store's alleged charging for a cookie recipe.

A woman of my acquaintance brought her "signature dish"--yes, she used that term--to a pot-luck dinner. She didn't even wait for any compliments before stating, "Everybody always wants this recipe, but I can't share it because I was sworn to secrecy by my grandmother." The dish was OK but as Granny would say, "It's nothin' to write home about." I wasn't going to say anything, but when the fool pressed me by asking, "What do you think, isn't it the best you've ever had?" Obviously she was wangling for a compliment, but I answered, truthfully, "I prefer my mother's." She was obviously miffed, as she said, "Oh, everybody thinks THAT way about their own mother's food." I laughed and answered, "Just like YOU; you just said it was handed down to you by your grandmother; my grandmother handed it down to my mother!"

The difference between Jason and Nathan and her is the difference between CLASS and CRASS!

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Anonymous said...

I want red velvet cake, cookies, and salad right now! And if you're writing about that damned bread pudding, I don't want any of that because there were no raisins!ML