Monday, March 11, 2013


My Facebook friend Cheryl posted:

"What do you call a fake noodle?" IMPASTA

Of course I had to join in:

"Dear Cheryl, I wish I had a PENNE for every time I've heard that one! I can think of only a FUSILLI puns, but I am hoping for a dozen ORZO more! One CANNOLI hope!"

Cheryl had 22 in her thread but nobody else supplied a pun. I asked Patty and Gretchen for help!

Here are their contributions:

I don't have a FETTUCCINE.

I'll GNOCCHI this over for awhile.

Did you hear about the sick paisano? He PASTA way.

This makes my blood CURD-le.

What do Italians eat on Halloween? Fettucine AL-FRAID-O

Where does spaghetti go to dance? At a MEAT BALL

What do the Irish have after eating Italian bread? GAELIC breath

What did the sassy Italian say? I'll give you a PIZZA my mind.

That looks like that cost a pretty PENNE.

You're making a PESTO yourself!

What do you call a pun sandwich? A PUNINI

What do you call leftover lasagna? PASTA its prime

What does an Italian say to a cheese thief? Leave my PROVOLONE

What do Italian girls call their BFF? PESTO friends

CLICK HERE to see the Food Network page on Homemade Cannoli.

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Anonymous said...

You're the PESTO friends! ML