Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I practice COUPON KARMA every time I go to the store and I also look in the carts of other people and if I have extras, I hand coupons to them. I so appreciate the looks of bewilderment and awkward thank-yous!

The act of clipping every coupon and leaving them near the item in the store for others to use. The good Karma is returned when others start practicing Coupon Karma as well.

Gerald: "Sue, why was your shopping trip so long?"

Sue: "Sorry, I had a ton of coupons that I had to leave around the store. Just practicing Coupon Karma."

Gerald: "That's such a waste of time!"

Sue: "Actually, I found a $2 coupon for your razors; you're welcome!"

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Anonymous said...

So you're the one littering the shelves? I was in WM and I saw that all the O'Reilly books were covered by Doris' books; that was great! ML