Sunday, March 24, 2013


I was at an AAUW book sale and a woman standing beside me let out a screak, "I gave this very book to my granddaughter!" She showed the book to me and it had this inscription: "To Emily on your fourth birthday. Hugs and kisses from Nanna".

Although I commiserated with her about ungrateful and ungracious children, I thought to myself, "What do you expect, writing sickening sweet hugs and kisses and signing Nana with TWO n's; besides, do you think the kid can read the inscription?"

I can't imagine giving away a book which someone had demonstrated thoughtfulness and had taken the time to select for me. I have often said the reason I wanted our house was because of the honest-to-God room one can call a library! I have run out of room in the library and there are books in every other room in the house, including linen closets and other closets. In addition to all of the book shelves being full and books on the end tables and coffee table, I now have eight rows of stacks of books in the library, setting on the floor stacked up to the edge of the window. Sometimes people have given books to me with the stated purpose: "If you don't want these then take them to Goodwill." I have donated books from those acquisitions, but none which were GIFTS!

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Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't know Emily's NANNA so you could rat out the daughter-in-law (you just know it had to be THE daughter-in-law who gave away Nanna's book!) so did you call Ginger? ML