Sunday, March 17, 2013


I admit that I'm a sucker for the PBS Pledge Week programs and have pledged for several programs. For the past 12 years Daniel O'Donnell has appeared and I've watched each time.

Along with Irish songs, O'Donnell has also done a program of Elvis tunes, a Christmas show, Broadway show tunes, and Rock 'n' Roll songs, but this year he performed gospel songs, ending with the audience giving him a standing ovation all the time while he was singing How Great Thou Art.

Les calls him "the Irish hillbilly" because O'Donnell sings a great number of country and western songs! Just to show off, I said, "Well, he is certainly no John McCormick." Les asked, "You mean the late Speaker of the House?" I said, "No, the late Irish tenor." Les answered, "Definitely before my time." "Well, he was before my time too, but I know who he was, just like Caruso!"

When he sings, O'Donnell doesn't sound "Irish", but when he speaks, his "brogue" (his term), is very pronounced.

Les screamed with delight and said, "He sounds just like MRS. DOUBTFIRE!"

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Erin go bragh! ML