Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I have written previously about the kind of people who have the compulsion to be "THE FIRST TO TELL" (see BLOG article HERE), especially about delivering bad news.

In my heart I know that I am not THAT kind of person, because I abhor that kind of behavior, but today I became a part of it.

A friend called and told me that a friend of ours had died this morning. I was overcome by the shock and never once thinking that it might NOT be true, I, in turn, I called three other people (thankfully, it was only three!). The three friends I called cared a great deal about our mutual friend and were as equally devastated as I.

Just now, I called those three people to tell them of my mistake. Here is what actually happened: our friend was from New Holland and a woman who died this morning was from New Holland; the maiden name of the woman who died was the same as the married surname of our friend. That was the ONLY connection! Their other names were totally different. I know that my friend who called me "with the news" is also bereft.

Our friend had battled cancer and I knew it was in remission. I had spent an enjoyable time with her at our President's Day Dinner on February 17. She looked great and had brought items for the auction. I remember I asked her, "Are you in love with...?", and I mentioned our speaker. She gleefully agreed with me. After the dinner we had hugged and I remember saying how good she looked and that I would be calling her.

Oh, please, by all that is good in the world, save me from people who have to be the FIRST TO TELL and be sure that I am never guilty of that sin!

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Anonymous said...

So, have you forgiven the person who called you? ML