Wednesday, March 27, 2013


"My life is ruined", one of the rapists in Steubenville was quoted as saying after his sentencing. My comment: "What about the life of the girl, Buddy?"

Why was this a nationwide scandal? CNN interrupted regular programming to air the verdict. Why are people surprised? With the permissive football culture, underage drinking, and no parental supervision, this could have been predicted.

I understand that the "town" is upset by the judge's sentencing. I am not surprised, but I am sickened.

An older person of my acquaintance--a male--said, "Well, she was drinking a lot." I said, "I don't care if she consumed all of the booze in Ohio, she didn't deserve this!" I asked him, "Do you actually believe that her being drunk was justification?" He answered, "She shouldn't have been there." I answered, "They shouldn't have been there." Being sarcastic, I said, "She probably flirted with them and wore a short skirt." He missed the sarcasm. He answered, "That's what I mean." I said, "I was being sarcastic and giving the time-worn excuses for males to use their POWER; there is NEVER any excuse!"

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Anonymous said...

Yes, just WHY are people surprised? ML