Friday, July 27, 2012


Today, someone told me the following story:

A legendary, local, wealthy farmer and businessman went to New York City; he was dressed in bib overalls, flannel shirt, and work boots. He went into a chichi restaurant and was declined service. The man then proceeded to tell the maitre d' that he was going to fire him. When the maitre d' asked how he was going to do that the man answered that he was going to buy the restaurant that same day with cash!

I burst out laughing and said, "That's apocryphal." The person kept insisting that he knew it was true. I asked, "Were you there?" He answered, "No, but so-and-so told me." (He mentioned another prominent local person) I asked, "Was that person there?" He answered, "Well, I've heard it from more than one person."

I said, "I've heard that same story attributed to Bob Evans, Dave Thomas and the owner of the King Ranch!"

Les said, "It sounds like a B-movie plotline!"

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Anonymous said...

Everyone has an In-Your-Face Fantasy!