Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Gerald, why, oh, why didn't you bring your camera?

I don't think I can top last year's sights at the fair, but I should hold off making that statement.

Last night:

A woman bent over to fill out a slip for a giveaway at our booth. Her boob almost fell out of her top! She grabbed her chest, giggling!

Straight across from us, a woman wearing plaid shorts, bent over to fill out a form at State Farm Insurance booth and the cheek of her ass showed below the shorts. Someone should have told her that anyone weighing more than 200 pounds should NOT wear PLAID!

A woman paraded slowly in front of our booth, wearing a tee-shirt with reprehensible things written about the President. She obviously wanted to elicit comments. Nobody commented. She turned around and came back. A fellow worker patted me on the shoulder and whispered, in a worried tone, "Are you going to say anything?" I think that she was concerned that I might make a scene! I laughed, very loudly and inappropriately, and said, "WHAT people like that can't stand is to be ignored!"

Last year, a chiropractor had people recline on a bench and did evaluations. You know what's amazing? He told everyone that one leg was shorter than the other! This year, he's in another section. I said that I am going to put a pad in my shoe to confuse him!

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Anonymous said...

I saw so many camel toes this year it was unbelievable!