Saturday, July 28, 2012


My subscription to the Sunday edition of The New York Times expired. I was at a store and I picked up a paper. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. At the cash register, the clerk rang it up but picked up the paper again and looked at it. She asked, "This really costs this much?" I said, "Yes", actually not knowing the price. She asked, disbelieving, "Isn't it just a newspaper?" I said, "But it's the BEST newspaper in the world." She looked at the paper again. She said, "I can't believe a newspaper could cost that much."

I said, "Well, they have to send it all the way from New York!"

She asked, still disbelieving, "Is it THAT good?"

I said, "There's a reason that it's known as the the paper of record!"

She said, "Man, it must be good!"

When I got home, Les asked how much it cost. It was then I recalled that I hadn't even looked at the price, despite all the talk between the clerk and me. I yelped, "SIX dollars; am I out of my mind?" I went on the website to have it delivered once again at a much lower cost!

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