Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Les said that any time I have a comeuppance it's TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE.

In another BLOG article, I mentioned that I was upset because WalMart and other stores did not have Memorial Day flowers marked down shortly after Memorial Day. As I was driving past Dollar General, I saw Memorial Day flowers outside with a sign showing they were marked down 40%. I bounded from my car and when I had my cart full of flowers, a woman approached me and asked, "How much are they?" I answered, $1.81." She asked, plaintively, "Are there any left; I only need three?" I gestured toward the remaining stock and said, "Those with crosses are only $3.00." She responded, "I like those", as she pointed to my cart load. She said, "I need them for my parents and my murdered sister." I asked, "Geneva?" She said, "Yes, did you know my sister?" I said, "No, but I know your sister Lori."

I pulled out three arrangements from my cart and asked, "Did you want them all alike?", as I was taking out matching arrangements of purple flowers. She exclaimed, "Oh, that was her favorite color!" She thanked me profusely and told me that the latest Parole Board hearing for the convicted murderer was scheduled for the following day. I said that I was glad to be able to help.

When I told Les he said, "Oh, it's great to see you get played; how could YOU ever top a murdered sister to get your way?" I screaked in disbelief to have my character so assaulted! OK, I'm woman enough to admit that I am sometimes a wee bit manipulative!

I said, "Now I remember that NOT one member of her family was at the last annual Domestic Violence Vigil!"

Les said, "Yeah, you got played!"

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Anonymous said...

Only YOU can make me laugh at a story that also includes a conversation about a murder victim!