Sunday, July 15, 2012


Les came into the family room, exaggeratingly trudging, sad-faced, head wagging, and said, sotto voce, "This is the worst movie of all time." Once again, I had ordered a movie from Netflix which was critically acclaimed: Le Quattro Volte, which disappointed him.

I said, "But A.O. Scott RAVED about it!"

Les said, "I don't care if SIX other Scotts recommend it--Scott Fitzgerald, Sir Walter Scott, Scott Hamilton, Ridley Scott, Scott Bakula, Winfield Scott and Scottie on Star Trek, it's still atrocious!" I said, "That's seven!" He said, "I forgot the best one--Robert FALCON Scott; he wouldn't recommend it, either!"

I said, "TMI!"

As I watched the movie Les kept peeking in the room, gauging my reaction. After it was over, he asked, "Was your buddy Tony right?" ("Tony" is A.O. Scott, the film critic for The New York Times.) Not only did I NOT understand it, I hated it!

Les kept on, saying other people named Scott: "EVEN if Dred Scott, Scott Joplin, Scott Carpenter, Francis Scott Key...". I said, "STOP!"

He said, "Oh, no, I have some more!"

I said, "That's enough!" He continued, "Scott Baio, Randolph Scott, George C. and Campbell Scott..." I clapped my hands over my ears, feigning lack of hearing. He yelled, "Ah, come on, now, be a good sport: Scottie Pippin." I said, "Oh, I get it: sport--he's some sports person; I yelled, I can top you on that, Sport--Barbara Ann Scott." He said, "Who's that--did you just make that up?" I said, "She was an ice skater, Sport."

"GREAT SCOTT!", he said, triumphantly.

See A. O. Scott's review.

"Le Quattro Volte," an idiosyncratic and amazing new film by Michelangelo Frammartino, is so full of surprises that even to describe it is to risk giving something away.

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