Monday, July 23, 2012


A friend and I were discussing acquaintences who are "name-droppers". She said that a friend of hers is always referring to prominent people who are "dear" friends, "good" friends and "my" friends.

Another friend of mine is related to a well-known, prominent, practically legendary, person in the community. Invariably people will ask if she's related to him. She likes to deflate their questions because people always want to ask personal questions about him, which she doesn't want to answer.

Recently, a name-dropper, who is my acquaintence, learned of the family connection and asked my friend, "So you're related to...?" My friend replied, "Yeah, his dog comes over and poops in my yard."

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Anonymous said...

Tell about your Steve Eckstein story where you asked him if he were related to Billy, and he didn't like it!