Sunday, July 8, 2012


At a recent gathering, a grand niece and her cousins were discussing music and I was listening to their conversation because I am always interested in what's new and interesting. One of the group mentioned that she liked Taylor Swift and another mentioned a singer I didn't know and I was told that the singer Skylar Laine had appeared on American Idol. I said that I had never watched the show.

The grand niece said, in a condescending tone, "I like everything EXCEPT country." She was obviously putting-down the musical tastes of the others.

I asked, "So you like classical?" She answered, emphatically, "YES!"

I said, "Mendelssohn's my favorite; who is yours?"

She said, "Beethoven."

I asked, "What's your favorite piece?"

She answered, "The Fifth Symphony."

Although the grand niece was out of place with her obvious put-down of the cousins, I was not going to interject anything mean, although I thought she probably didn't know anything about classical music but was merely posturing when challenged.

A wiseacre there said, "Hum a part of that; I don't think I know it." I couldn't help myself; I giggled. It was too perfect!

The grand niece was flummoxed, embarrassed, uncomfortable, and obviously without a clue. The wiseacre stood, raised his arms in the fashion of a symphony conductor, and said, loudly, "All together now!" and he began dah-dah-dah-dahing the most famous part of the Fifth Symphony. The grand niece stomped away.

The wiseacre said, "Don't act like you know stuff you don't know in front of Aunt Sue!"

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Anonymous said...

Please tell your Beethoven joke about how he composed the 5th--or can you translate to writing--it probably must be verbal!