Monday, July 16, 2012


Recently, in a restaurant, a woman shook her glass of ice to get a waitress' attention!

The waitress came to our table instead. Gerald handed her a dollar and said, "I want to apologize for that person over there." The waitress refused the tip; of course Gerald just added it to our own tip. The waitress went to the other table. When the waitress returned to our table, Gerald told her that was the worst manners he'd seen since he saw a guy snap his fingers at a waitress to get her attention. The three of us discussed bad manners and told about other rude and crude customers.

In The Chintz Room at Lazarus, a busser came by and had a tray full of glasses and other items. The tables were very close together. The tray started to fall and the glasses and other items tumbled onto the floor. Some of the water splashed on a customer's pant leg. He jumped up, started screaming and cursing at the poor girl, demanding to see the Manager. The girl was down on her knees on the floor picking up the ice cubes, etc. Gerald got down on the floor with her and was picking up ice. He crawled on his knees over to the obnoxious man's chair and I could tell he said something. When he returned to our table, I asked, "What did you say?" Gerald said, "I asked him if he felt like a big man picking on a little girl!" When the Manager came, the creep demanded that the restaurant pay to have his pants cleaned. Gerald walked over, tossed down a $5.00 bill on the table and said, "That should take care of it, Big Man!" The man stood up and I thought there was going to be an altercation, but the man didn't say a word to Gerald. Gerald just turned and walked away! Later, Gerald said, "That's the way bullies are; they don't pick on ones their own size!"

I am usually the outspoken one, but Gerald also cannot stand to see an injustice!

Once, during the Christmas shopping season, my sister-in-law Sheila and I were shopping at Lazarus. I was in line to pay and a woman barged up to the counter and asked the sales clerk, "Do you have any white slacks?" The clerk answered, politely, "No, we only have those in the summer." The woman started yelling, "I'm not stupid; I know they're for summer, but a lot of people go to Florida and other places where they wear white slacks now." I'm sure that the clerk, along with everyone else in line, was shocked by such an unwarranted outburst! The woman started screaming for the Manager. I said, "You should go to where they sell white pants." When a Manager arrived, the woman demanded that the "girl" be fired. I walked over to the Manager and said, "I, along with others, witnessed this and your employee did absolutely nothing wrong!" The woman told me to keep my nose out of it. I said, "You barged up here, instead of waiting your turn so this IS my business!" The Manager said he would take care of the problem.

It always bothers me when I see people in serving positions be treated unkindly.

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Anonymous said...

As Les says, HOW do you meet such ignorant people? You are like a magnet!