Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last night, as we were driving home, Gerald said that our leaving was "good timing" because there was little traffic. Of course I started singing Good Timin', a song from my teenage years. After doing the "a ticka-ticka-ticka" part on the first verse, on the second, I repeated it. Gerald said, "It's tocka-tocka-tocka now." I disputed his word. He insisted, "You know, like the tick-tock of a clock."

Oh, no, an important disagreement accompanied by a willingness to bet, with the expected taunt, "How much money did your mama let you bring with you?" from me!

I said, "I need a Blackberry; I could check it out right now."

Gerald said, "Or wait till we get home and check on the computer." I called my brother but there was no answer.

Oh, no, I needed to know RIGHT then! Earlier in the day our friend Connie had told about carrying her "Top 40 Hits" book along with them when they went on trips because invariably, questions arise.

I called Connie and asked her to look in the "sacred book" to see who sang it! I said, "I think his first name was Phil."

A short time later, Connie called and said, "Jimmy Jones!" I said, "Yes, and he also did Handy Man!"

Later, I said, "I still think I need a Blackberry." Gerald asked, "How about just getting a SACRED BOOK?"

Enjoy Good Timin' and Handy Man.

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Anonymous said...

I love that falsetto!