Sunday, July 22, 2012


An older friend of mine told me that he met someone who thought that I "hung the moon". I had never heard the phrase before, but I treasure unusual sayings. As my friend is from the South, I thought it must be a Southern expression, but in researching, I found that the origin, although an American 20th Century idiom, is unknown.

The definition from Cassell's Dictionary Of Slang: "To be very important; to think very highly of; extremely wonderful, amazing, or good; used as an example of a superlative act attributed to someone viewed with excessive awe, reverence, or infatuation."

Well, I don't think I "hung the moon" THAT much!

I learned there are several different songs with the phrase "hung the moon", performed by artists as varied George Jones, Patty Smith, Better Than Ezra, Rockwell Church and Toby Keith. I enjoyed the one by Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors the best of all.

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Anonymous said...

You do hang the moon, Lady!