Friday, July 6, 2012


In the 1970s Carl Wilt told me about using the dishwasher to prepare corn on the cob for eating and freezing. At that time Mother raised corn in the garden and we would freeze 26 packages of corn--enough for corn every other week for the remainder of the year.

When I have company for dinner, I don't like to have the kitchen sweltering and I try to plan meals during the summer without using the oven. One of my favorite meals for my birthday week includes corn on the cob. For one dinner I planned to have 16 ears of corn, but I didn't want to have the huge pot steaming on the stove. At that dinner, some of the guests were non-family--imagine the gasps when I opened the dishwasher to take out the corn!

Instructions for preparing corn in the dishwasher:

1. Remove husks and silk from ears of corn.

2. Place corn in dishwasher. Wash (without soap, of course!) on normal cycle and heated dry cycle.

3. Remove heated corn and if wanting to eat, it's ready to serve.

4. If preparing for freezer: remove heated corn from dishwasher and put in large pot filled with ice water to stop the cooking cycle.

5. Once corn is cooled, remove the corn and dry thoroughly.

6. I like to freeze both corn on the cob and corn removed from the cob. Package for freezer.

7. Place corn in freezer bags and place in freezer.

See the article for other non-traditional uses for the dishwasher.

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Anonymous said...

Hell, you could cook almost anything in the dishwasher!