Sunday, July 1, 2012


In the waiting room at the Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, I remarked to the elderly volunteer in the waiting room that I had never seen BIG-BUTT CHAIRS like the ones in the cafeteria there. These are DOUBLE-WIDE chairs with one of the BIG BUTT chairs set at each of the dining area tables. The volunteer said, as she gestured toward the seats in the waiting room, "You can't believe the people who come in to the waiting room who cannot fit in these chairs; that's why we had to also put in these settees in the waiting room." [Yes, she used the term "settees". I would have said love seats. So, WHAT is the difference between a settee and a love seat? A love seat is designed to hold two people while a settee is designed for more than two!]

Gerald and I began discussing the WIDETTES from Saturday Night Live and decided to name the chairs THE WIDETTES in their honor. The volunteer had never heard of THE WIDETTES so I brought them up on the internet!

She said, "We're having entirely too much fun in the waiting room!" I said, "Yes, we definitely need decorum here!" as several more people came to join in the frivolity.

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